Torch Bearers


Sudarsan Yennamalli M. is the first grandson of Artist R.Krishna Rao and and eldest son of Mr. Y.V.Madhava rao and Mrs. K.Kamala. His mother is runing an art institute called Peacock Art Institute in chennai.Born in 1976, he has seen his grandfather painting and sketching. His grandfather was always an inspiration to him. He learnt art from his mother and he had many interesting discussion about various famous artists from India and abroad with his grandfather during his student life. He learnt music theory from his maternal grandmother Mrs. Indumathi Krishna Rao. He says "Those were memorable days which I will cherish forever."
His favorite medium is oil and digital and explorers many perspectives in art. In 2007 he was selected for a talk held in New Delhi about an open source 3D animation and modeling software called Blender and was the first author to write a series on Blender software in “Linux For You” magazine. He is the founder and editor of a three old online art magazine called paintershub. He runs The Beatles Fan Club called EvergreenBeatles
He is a software programmer, and has developed many software packages, but his passion in art and music lead him to take them as a profession. He is a music composer and is currently working on a western classical music album.


He had his first digital art exhibition in the year 2005 . Visit Mr. Sudarsan Yennamalli M. Gallery

Famous quote from the artist

"Either I paint to see my experiene or aesthetics resounding on my canvas or I die by doing nothing"