Born 1915
1938 Employed in the office of a Chennai-based architect.
1942 Joins the Government School (now) College) of Arts and Crafts, Chennai, allowed to complete 5 year course in 3, being outstandingly brilliant.
1945 Gets his First Class diploma in Fine Arts.
1945 Serves in the War Publicity Department as an artist.
1946-48 Has a stint as a textile designer in a private firm at Gudiyattam.
1948 Appointed head of the Department of Applied Arts at the Government School of Arts and Crafts at Madras.
1965 Promoted as Vice-Principal and transferred to the Government School of Art and Crafts, Kumbakonam.
1968-71 Works as Principal of the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai.
1972 Joins Kalakshetra as Director, Department of Art. Exhibitions (One-man Shows) Vellore (1978), Chennai (1980) and Retrospective, Chennai (1995)

Famous quote from the artist

"Either I paint to see my experiene or aesthetics resounding on my canvas or I die by doing nothing"